Стани част от нашата общност от предприемачи, стартъпи и фрийлансъри с безкрайни възможност за сътрудничество, обмяна на опит и съвместна работна дейност.

Някой от Професионалистите, които работят

..в Овъртайм Коуъркинг

Графични дизайнери
Рекламни Агенти
Неправителствени Организации
Стартъп Предприемачи
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Софтуерни Инженери
Финансови Консултанти
Продуценти и студиа за филми
Дигитален Маркетинг

Ние работим, социализираме се, обменяме опит и най-вече се забавляваме заедно!

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Belova logo

Architecture by Belova

Architecture by Belova is about finding the balance and synergy between nature and buildings, clients and design team, desire and possibility.But it is also about inspiration and fun. Enjoying the journey that every project offers.

7 skills software

7 skills software

We are a small team making mobile games for iOS, Android and WP8. Our job is to make sure you kill your free time in the most enjoyable way. We are always looking for bright ideas that will move the joy of mobile games to a new level.



Codific is an SME and we are currently growing in terms of premium talent software engineers. Our background in software research within IMEC-DistriNet allows us to leverage cutting-edge techniques and methodologies in order to build scalable software systems.


Be proud of your online precense with MyGoalMyPath. MyGoalMyPath designs, builds and optimizes Dutch and English WordPress websites that convert visitors into customers.



AimTravel is a company specializing in the field of student and youth work and exchange programs abroad with priority Work & Travel USA or the so-called Student Brigades in the United States. The AIM Travel team has helped and continues to help many young people gain international experience, build themselves as young leaders, travel and spread Bulgarian culture. 

fantastic services

Fantastic services

Fantastic Services is the #1 domestic services franchise in the UK. After 10 years of bringing technological innovation to the industry, we are now growing internationally through Master Franchising. Today, there are over 530 franchisees that operate under the Fantastic Services brand, boasting over 2000 technicians such as professional cleaners, gardeners, handymen, builders, electricians and plumbers.



Lounjee connects the members of your community or the attendees at your events based on their professional goals and interests.

Nick Logistic Services

Nick Logistic Services

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ServiceOS automates countless interactions for you. From crew management and job scheduling, to invoicing and payments. The future is now and taking your business to the next level has never been easier.

Lexis Solutions

Build your digital solutions with our expert help. Share your challenge with our team, and we will work with you to deliver a revolutionary digital product.

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